February 04, 2019

Place your order by February 15, 2019 to access our group-buying discount. Order HERE.

The NEW 2019 North American ID Checking Guide Book and NEW 13th Edition International ID Checking Guide Book are now available for ordering through the ABLE BC office.

Both guide books have been updated since 2018. Place your order HERE.

The ID Checking Guide Books help you and your staff make accurate, on-the-spot verification of driver’s licenses and ID cards – your best protection against ID fraud. These books also help ensure you are kept updated on the latest versions of all ID formats.

For more information on the ID Checking Guide Books, including pricing please scroll down or download our FAQ.

Changes to the ID Checking Guide Books Since 2018

The 2019 North American Guide has dozens of changes, including:

  • new licenses and ID cards
  • old license formats dropped
  • new federal ID documents
  • updated terms of license and other specific license details
  • UV images for 44 current format driver’s licenses are shown
  • updated information is provided for licenses issued to non-US citizens

All 50 states, 10 provinces, and 3 territories, are covered. Included are details on territorial documents, federal and military insurance, consular cards, and more.

The new 13th International Edition is now available and is good until December 31, 2020. Dozens of new documents have been added to the 13th Edition and older outdated license formats removed.

For more information about the ID Checking Guide Books please download our FAQ.

Order by February 15, 2019 for Group-Buying Savings

Anticipated 2019 prices:

  • North American Guide Book: $15.30 USD per book
  • International Guide Book: $29.65 USD per book
  • Please note these prices do not include shipping and handling or reflect the US-Canadian conversion rate

Expected shipping date: March 2019

ABLE BC members get exclusive access to our group-buying discount. We will place a bulk order and the cost is dependent on the quantity ordered. In prior years, we have secured the lowest cost for our members, based on the large quantity ordered.

Non-ABLE BC members can also access the group-buying discount. Please note there is a $15 surcharge on non-member orders.

Place your order by February 15, 2019

Place your order online using our secure Survey Monkey page:

For more information about the ID Checking Guide Books please download our FAQ.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Danielle Leroux (Director of Membership and Communications) at 604-688-5560 or danielle@ablebc.ca.

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