February 24, 2019

There is no magic formula for digital marketing, but there are simple, repeatable tactics that anyone can take advantage of, plus fundamental tools that every hospitality business should be using.
You don’t want to miss Junction Consulting Founder & President Conner Galway’s seminar at BC Hospitality Summit 2019: Monday, April 8 and Tuesday, April 9 at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Grand Okanagan Resort.
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At the beginning of 2019, Conner’s team published a study that analyzed over 200 travel and hospitality businesses across BC to answer the question: What are they best doing that set them apart?
The findings were simple, straightforward, sometimes surprising, and definitive: there are 4 key digital marketing tactics that consistently set the highest performers apart from the pack.
In this fast-paced talk on April 8, Conner will share the most surprising data they found and the 4 marketing tactics that any hospitality business of any size can implement – with little to no budget.
Whether you’re responsible for executing the marketing plan for your business, or you just want to better understand how the best digital businesses do what they do, you’ll walk away from this BC Hospitality Summit seminar with insights that can improve your digital performance right now.
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