July 09, 2016

Did you know? ABLE BC Members with an LRS and/or LP License with On-Premise sales get exclusive access to buyABLE at no additional cost. For more information, read on below.

ABLE BC Associate Members with an Agent and GST Number can post unlimited complimentary product listings on buyABLE and directly reach over 670 licensees. For more information, download our Agent FAQ.

buyABLE is our online purchasing portal that connects Buyer directly with Agents. Buyers can use buyABLE to access discounted pricing, unique products, and offers exclusive to the private channel.

Our goal is for you to make at least 30% profit margin on buyABLE products at suggested retail prices.

ABLE BC Members and our Board of Directors have already had great success ordering exclusive product on buyABLE. Director Patrick Greenfield (Owner of Queens Cross Pub and LRS) recently purchased 60 cases of Spanish wine from Aaron Morgan Imports: “The wine I purchased through buyABLE is amazing value and our customers love it. It is selling extremely well, with a great markup.”

We are excited to announce we have close to 40 offers currently live on buyABLE: Spanish and Argentinean wines at fantastic low prices; a range of products from Sleeman Breweries; award-winning products from Okanagan Spirits; and many more.

Don’t miss out on these exclusive offers. Here’s how to access and buy these products:

  • Login to your buyABLE account at: https://buy.ablebc.ca/. Need your username or forgot your password? Contact Danielle at 604-688-5560 or danielle@ablebc.ca.
  • Browse the offers in the buyABLE marketplace
  • Order with one simple click. There is no change to your current distribution or delivery process. For more information read our buyABLE FAQ.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact ABLE BC at 604-688-5560 or danielle@ablebc.ca.

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