June 29, 2021

Dear ABLE BC members and industry colleagues,

Earlier this afternoon, we sent out an update about BC entering into stage 3 of the Restart Plan on July 1.

We stated that tables must remain two metres apart in food primaries and liquor primaries, but we were working to get this requirement removed as soon as possible.

We received good news much quicker than anticipated! Starting July 1, tables will not have to be two metres apart from each other in food primaries and liquor primaries. Patrons will still have to remain seated and there will be no table hopping or dancing allowed.

Note: tables will have to be two metres apart from each other in nightclubs.

For more details on what changes in stage 3, please read our update from earlier today.

The public orders for food primaries, liquor primaries, and nightclubs will be updated for stage 3. We circulate the orders when they become available.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact ABLE BC: info@ablebc.ca.

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