Help fix BC’s liquor policies

In June 2018, government published the final report of the Business Technical Advisory Panel. The panel offered 24 recommendations that, if implemented, will have a lasting positive impact on BC’s private liquor industry.

In particular, the report contains clear recommendations to support several of ABLE BC’s current policy priorities, such as:

  • allow private retailers to sell products to LPs, FPs, and holders of Special Event Permits (i.e. licensee sales)
  • create a wholesale pricing model for LPs and FPs (i.e. hospitality pricing)
  • improve wholesale product delivery by allowing third party distributors to deliver non-stocked wholesale products
  • eliminate the current management conflict of interest at the BCLDB between BC Liquor Stores and LDB Wholesale

But a report is only useful if its recommendations are implemented. We need your help to ensure BC government is listening.

What you can do

  1. Contact your MLA and/or schedule a meeting with your MLA. This is particularly important if your MLA is a member of the BC NDP
  2. Key messages for your MLA:
  • Tell your MLA that our industry matters: BC’s private liquor industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that matters to every community in BC – and it needs government attention
  • Tell your MLA about the BTAP report
  • Ask for your MLA’s support: to ensure this report does not end up sitting on a shelf, we need MLAs to express support for the panel’s recommendations

For assistance in setting up a meeting with your MLA, please contact ABLE BC at 604-688-5560 or

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