ABLE BC’s primary goal is to help build a thriving and sustainable private liquor industry in BC by advocating for your interests and proactively solving industry challenges. To that end we:

  • Ensure you have a voice with government officials and policy makers
  • Consult our members regularly to find out what matters most to your business
  • Help members resolve issues with our monopoly wholesale supplier (the LDB)
  • Keep you informed and up-to-date on government policies and regulations
  • Fight to reduce red tape and ensure regulations and policies are business-friendly

In 2015-16, ABLE BC submitted a number of recommendations to government on the remaining policy changes from the provincial Liquor Policy Review. We have also sought to address key business irritants for our members. Some of the issues we have worked on this past year include:

  • Creating a fixed and transparent markup policy for hospitality products sold through the LDB but not carried in BC Liquor Stores
  • Reducing lead time on spec products and improving in-stocks at the LDB
  • Distinguishing Food Primary operating requirements from Liquor Primary requirements
  • Ensuring predictable minimum wage rates for the next two years
  • Setting appropriate minimum liquor retail pricing for all beverage alcohol retailers
  • Extending hours of room liquor service for hotels to 24/7
  • Limiting the number of licenses for 100% BC wine sales on grocery store shelves
  • Updating rules and processes for liquor primary relocations
  • Allowing guest bottle service in eligible liquor primaries

A summary of the issues we are advocating for in 2017 is provided below. For more information please download our 2017 Policy Priorities or contact ABLE BC.

Industry Issues

ABLE BC is advocating for the following industry-wide issues in 2017:

  • Create transparent markup policy for hospitality products sold via but not at BC Liquor Stores
  • Modernize inducement policy to better reflect business relationships with suppliers
  • Continue to work with government partners to reduce red tape and promote logical business-friendly liquor policies
  • Offer webinars and online training tools designed with the liquor store or pub owner and manager in mind. These tools will help members find new ways to increase profitability and grow their businesses in British Columbia’s changing liquor landscape.


Licensee Retail Store Issues

ABLE BC is advocating for the following Licensee Retail Store issues in 2017:

  • Allow LRS to sell to restaurants, pubs, and other licensees
  • Allow LRS to retail recreational cannabis if legalized by the federal government
  • Allow LRS to sell and refill growlers
  • Increase product selection available on buyABLE
  • Improve wholesale pricing system to protect fragile profit margins
  • Improve LDB wholesale operations: access to live online inventory visibility and order tracking, improve in-stocks, reduce lead time on spec products, and enhance private sector demand forecasting
  • Maintain the 1 km distance separation and LRS moratorium

Liquor Primary Issues

ABLE BC is advocating for the following liquor primary issues in 2017:

  • Implement LDB discount for hospitality customers
  • Allow LP to purchase product from LDB Wholesale Customer Centre and get product delivered directly to their establishment
  • Allow LP to sell and refill growlers
  • Allow Video Lottery Terminals (VLT) in LP
  • Expand eligibility for flexible hours of liquor service
  • Create fixed and transparent markup policy for hospitality products sold via but not at BC Liquor Stores
  • Increase product selection available on buyABLE
  • Allow LP to legally offer table bottle service

Hotel Liquor Licensee Issues

ABLE BC is proud to represent the liquor policy interests of the BC Hotel Association. On their behalf we have advocated for the following positive policy changes:

  • Guests at a hotel with LP or FP can take unfinished alcoholic beverages from bar or restaurant to their room
  • Hotels and resorts with LP can serve one standard free alcoholic drink to guests in lobby or reception area at check-in
  • New streamlined application process allows golf courses and ski hills to temporarily extend licensed area
  • Liquor can now be delivered to hotel guests by room service 24 hours a day
  • Licensees now have additional flexibility in liquor licensing for special events


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