March 31, 2016

Incremental sales: Two words that can make the difference between a successful 2016 and an average 2016.

We are getting feedback from our members as to the types of the products they are looking for in quantity on buyABLE: red and white wines that can wholesale between $8 and $11. These can be repacks of currently available items and a good source is Spanish, Italian, and French co-ops.

Keep in mind, buyABLE validates demand prior to you assuming any cost. You set the threshold of cases needed to produce the product, the price, and the time frame in which it is likely to be delivered.

Ready to list a product on buyABLE?

  1. Send ABLE BC your agent number and GST number by email ( or phone (604-688-5560)
  2. We will create your company profile for you on buyABLE
  3. You will receive an email requesting you to activate your account
  4. We will help you craft your first offers. From there, the only limitations to what you can do are what you can think of.

For more information please read our buyABLE Agent FAQ

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