February 03, 2016

Use buyABLE to get instant access to engaged buyers, save time on order processing, and reduce risk by quantifying demand.

BC’s Alliance of Beverage Licensees is pleased to introduce our new online purchasing portal buyABLE, a dynamic platform that allows you to:

  • Generate significant incremental sales. An offer placed on buyABLE is seen by 350+ LRS and any orders committed to are guaranteed. Buyers cannot back out or delay when the product arrives.
  • Test product and price pitches at no risk and no cost. buyABLE validates demand prior to you assuming any cost.

buyABLE is now live and ready to accept your product offers. 


Offer ABLE BC Members an opportunity that only they can get. The product offer must be channel-exclusive and not be made available to government liquor stores.

  • LTO Pricing Offer:provide an LTO on a specific product for a specific future month. Execute the LTO only once you collect the orders necessary to justify the price reduction.
  • Unique Product Offer: make or import a unique product for ABLE BC Members.
  • Clearance Product Offer: eliminate that cost anchor. Post a price offer only to be carried out if you get the orders you need.

For more information on distribution, delivery, and order processing please download our Agent FAQ.


  • If you are interested in participating in the program now or at any time in the future, please send us your agent number and GST number. We will create your company profile for you and make it quick and easy for you to post product listings.
  • Ready to post an offer? Contact the ABLE BC office at 604-688-5560 or info@ablebc.ca. We will help you craft your first offers.
  • ABLE BC Associate Members can post unlimited complimentary listings on buyABLE. There is a $25 fee per listing for non-members.

To join as an Associate Member, please complete our membership application and return to Danielle Leroux (Manager of Membership and Communications). For more information about our membership program, please contact Danielle by email (danielle@ablebc.ca) or phone (604-688-5560).

Join the fight! Become a member today.


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