April 05, 2018

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Faculty Brewing: award-winning blonde ale

Faculty Brewing’s award-winning 107 Blonde Ale is now available on buyABLE: $10.50 per 4-pack (473 mL cans).

The 107 Blonde Ale won 2nd place in the American Blonde Ale category at the 2017 BC Beer awards. This ale is perfect for entry-level craft beer drinkers who want to learn more about ale, and branch out from drinking lagers.

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April offers from Mark Anthony Group

Grolsch Premium Larger: $8.22/4-pack ($1.00 LTO). Medium gold colour. Rich grain and hop aromas with hints of spice. Smooth and balanced with refreshing hoppy character.

Mission Hill Five Vineyards Rose: $11.67/bottle ($1.00 LTO). Crowd-pleaser with refreshing taste profile. Blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Noir.

Painted Turtle Ah-Ha White: $4.90/bottle ($1.00 LTO). Light and crisp. Citrus and apple flavours dance on the tongue for a refreshing finish.

Mission Ridge Premium Dry Red 4L: $21.90/cask ($3.00 LTO). Dry and easy drinking with soft cherry fruit flavours. Ideal on its own or with pork, pasta, BBQ burgers, or ribs.

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Minhas Brewery: 21 offers available!

Boxer Watermelon and Apple Ale: $2.48/can. A beer you can drink with a straw or over ice. Boxer Watermelon is a refreshing flavoured lager beer with a hint of watermelon. Pleasant hoppy bitterness and clean crisp finish.

Boxer Apple Ale is not far off from throwing apple pie in a blender – light touch of spice, sweet, pale malts.

Blumer’s Original Moonshine: $18.71/bottle. Bold aromas of caramelized bananas and nuts, candy corn, and spicy meringue with silky and coconut cream pie finish.

Bonjour French Vodka: $20.17/bottle. Crafted from select French wheat grain and distilled five times in the Cognac region of France. Extraordinary attention to detail and superior ingredients separate Bonjour French from the flock.

Boxer Hard Root Beer, Grape Soda, and Hard Cream Soda: $9.00/6-pack. Alcoholic hard old-fashioned sodas. Batch-brewed with the best 2-row malted barley in the world and real cane sugar. Infused with creamy vanilla, aromatic nutmeg, spicy cinnamon and other spices to be the perfect blend of tradition and flavour.

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