March 17, 2016

In January, ABLE BC was pleased to launch our new online purchasing portal buyABLE. ABLE BC Members with an LRS and/or LP with on-premise sales are eligible to use buyABLE. Login with your username and password at and exercise your buying power today!

Need help logging in? Want another buyer added to your account? Please contact Danielle or 604-688-5560.

How do buyers benefit from buyABLE?

  • Access exclusive offers, unique products, better pricing. An offer placed on buyABLE is channel exclusive and is not made available to government stores. New products are being added daily.
  • Save time on the buying cycle. Browse offers by product types, calculate profitability, and buy with the click of a button.
  • Increased profit margins. Our goal is at least 30% profit at suggested retail prices.
  • For more information please read our buyABLE Buyer FAQ:

How do agents benefit from buyABLE?

  • Generate significant incremental sales. An offer placed on buyABLE is seen by 350+ LRS and any orders committed to are guaranteed. Buyers cannot back out or delay when the product arrives.
  • Test product and price pitches at no risk and no cost. buyABLE validates demand prior to you assuming any cost. You set the threshold of cases needed to produce the product, the price, and the time frame in which it is likely to be delivered.
  • For more information please read our buyABLE Agent FAQ:

Featured Offers

  • Domaine Jasmin Pinot Gris: made in a unique style from the Friuli wine region of Italy, attain 30% margins at suggested retail price.
  • anCnoc Single Malt Scotch: limited release of Peter Arkle ‘Warehouses’. This product has an approachable price point, allows you to maximize margin, and has an air of exclusivity.
  • Minhas Boxer Lager 8 pack cans: generate gross margins of 26% on this value-priced premium lager.

View all offers on buyABLE: New products are being added daily.

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