November 25, 2016

At ABLE BC’s recent board meeting in October, two committees were formed to address retailing recreational cannabis and improving the buyABLE online purchasing portal. Both committees will be lead by Directors Danny Rickaby and Michael Brown, and we are looking for members to join the committees.

Retailing Recreational Marijuana Panel

If the federal government legalizes recreational marijuana, ABLE BC will be advocating for the sale of recreational marijuana in private liquor stores. If you are interested in participating in this committee and helping form ABLE BC’s policy and government strategies for this issue, please contact Jeff Guignard (Executive Director) at or 604-688-5560.

buyABLE Retail Panel

buyABLE is ABLE BC’s online purchasing portal for private retailers. Members with an LRS or LP with on-premise sales can use buyABLE to order exclusive product, access better deals, and join together as one powerful buying force. We are looking for experienced store buyers with a strong understanding of the buying cycle to join our buyABLE Retail Panel, and help take buyABLE to the next level.

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