April 04, 2020

Dear ABLE BC Members and Industry Colleagues, 

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve rapidly and we’re working hard to get answers for you.

Included in today’s email you will find: 

  • WorkSafeBC Supports for COVID-19
  • Federal government releases essential services list
  • Webinar Download on Essential Services and Emergency Law
  • LCRB Update: revised and new policy directive for hand sanitizer manufacturing and packaging
  • Offer for ABLE BC Members from Rising Tide Consultants
  • Order hand sanitizer for your liquor store
  • Protective Cashier Shields from BWI Business World

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WorkSafeBC Supports for COVID-19

Helping employers address COVID-19 in the workplace: During the COVID-19 outbreak, WorkSafeBC is committed to providing the essential services that workers and employers around the province rely on, which includes helping employers prevent workplace injury, illness, and disease.

Workplace inspections play a critical role in ensuring workplaces are healthy and safe. During this situation, we will continue our work with employers and workers to help them take the necessary steps to protect those who remain at work, including preventative measures to slow the progression of COVID-19. Wherever possible, we will explore alternative approaches when connecting with workplaces, including remote inspections.

New guide to help address COVID-19 in the workplaceTo help slow the progression of COVID-19, we encourage employers to review the new guide Preventing exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace. This guide contains questions employers should ask themselves to better understand the health and safety concerns in the workplace raised by COVID-19. 

Topics covered include:

  • Identifying exposure hazards and developing measures to control exposure
  • Controlling the number of people on site
  • Prohibition of workers who are sick and those returning from outside Canada
  • Download the guide here

For more information

Visit the WorkSafeBC  COVID-19 information and resources web page, which includes information specific to various industries.

Federal government releases essential services list

Global Public Affairs has shared the following information on the federal government’s release of their essential services list: 

On April 2, the federal government released its long-anticipated essential services list. The list encompasses the services and functions the government believes are necessary to preserve “life, health, and basic societal functioning” in Canada. It been preceded by the release of essential services lists from several provinces over the last few weeks.

Developed in partnership with industry and labour, the list is largely reflective of Canada’s National Strategy for Critical Infrastructure, which identifies 10 sectors essential to the “health, safety, security or economic well-being of Canadians and the effective functioning of government.”  

Specifically, these are:

  • Energy and Utilities
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Food
  • Water
  • Transportation
  • Safety
  • Government
  • Manufacturing

Within these 10 sectors, the Government of Canada has identified key functions and jobs that should continue during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The list is non-exhaustive and is subject to future amendments. To this end, the government has said it will continually consult on the list to ensure its accuracy. 

Most importantly, the essential services list is not legally binding. Rather, the federal government has offered it as non-binding guidance to jurisdictions looking to create essential services lists and to help the private sector identify which functions should be maintained, and which may temporarily cease at a future date.

You can find BC’s essential services list here

Note that currently, municipal, provincial, territorial, and Indigenous governments have the authority to execute COVID-19 responses within their jurisdictions, while the federal government plays a coordinating role between them. As such, the essential services lists from these jurisdictions prevail over the federal list

If at any point moving forward, the federal government enacts the Emergencies Act, this federal list would take precedence. 

Understandably, provincial and territorial governments are reticent to see the federal government ‘pull rank’, so to speak. 

Webinar Download on Essential Services and Emergency Law

If you were unable to attend McMillan LLP’s live webinar on Essential Services and Emergency Law, a recording of the webinar is now available here.

To slow the spread of the coronavirus, provincial governments across Canada have defined “essential” businesses and some provinces have ordered non-essential businesses to cease operations. The Federal government has prohibited foreign nationals from entering Canada, and has ordered returning Canadians to quarantine, unless they provide essential services.

During this webinar, lawyers from McMillan’s Business Law Group and public affairs advisors from McMillan Vantage discuss the nationwide impacts, rules and regulations for defining “essential” workplaces and services and the closure of non-essential businesses.

In this presentation, they specifically consider:

  • Categories of “essential” workplaces and services in every province
  • What non-essential businesses are permitted to do
  • Treatment of online businesses
  • Special rules for suppliers to essential businesses
  • How to get clarification from government
  • Penalties for non-compliance
  • Influencing designations yet to be made and advocating for changes
  • What’s expected in future

LCRB Update: revised and new policy directive for hand sanitizer manufacturing and packaging

The LCRB has provided an update to Policy Directive 20-10, authorizing brewery licence holders, winery licence holders, and distillery licensees to use their establishments to manufacture and/or package, sell or donate alcohol-based sanitizer. This authorization is limited to July 15, 2020.

Policy Directives 20-08 and 20-09 authorize the use of the licensed manufacturing facility for the manufacturing and/or packaging, selling or donating of hand sanitizer, specifically. This additional policy directive authorizes the use of the licensed manufacturing facility for the manufacturing of sanitizer.

This policy is authorizing the use of the licensed manufacturing facility; however Health Canada regulates the production and sale of sanitizer and therefore manufacturers need to contact Health Canada directly if they have questions in that scope.

Offer for ABLE BC Members from Rising Tide Consultants

Our long-time associate member Rising Tide Consultants wants to support the industry during this time of crisis.

Download the full letter from Bert Hick (President, Rising Tide Consultants).

In these challenging times, Rising Tide Consultants prepared to give back in the following ways:

  • Work with and offer our recommendations to industry leaders and stakeholders on ways to help mitigate the damage COVID-19 has caused to the hospitality and liquor industry;
  • Encourage government to practice a policy of sympathetic administration now and through the eventual recovery;
  • Continue to have our office open (safely) and staff working for clients remotely;
  • Continue to work with all existing and new clients;
  • Provide advice to clients who need assistance now but are unable to pay fees due to financial hardship. In addition to our Free Initial Consultation, we can defer all invoicing until June 2020 or offer our services at a further reduced rate than our current 10% discount available to ABLE BC members (case-by-case basis).
  • Work with clients who are interested in new acquisitions, whether it be a restaurant, pub, liquor or cannabis store location and/or licence.
  • Note: we have partnered with Matthew Greenwood (Realtor with Re/MaxCommercial Advantage) who quarterbacks these opportunities. Matthew has several liquor stores, cannabis stores, and pubs available for purchase. If you’re interested in buying or selling, he can be reached at mrg@strataassembly.com or 778-389-0422.

If you need help, direction, or advice regarding your liquor licence in anyway (i.e. contraventions, renewals, general issues), please don’t hesitate to contact Rising Tide Consultants by phone (604-669-2928) or email (info@risingtideconsultants.ca).

Download the full letter from Bert Hick (President, Rising Tide Consultants).

Order hand sanitizer for your liquor store

If you are looking for hand sanitizer for your establishment, you can contact:

Elliott McKerr at Electric Bicycle Brewing: elliot@ebbeer.com

They are selling 20L pale of hand sanitizer with a pour spout for $200.00. The formulation can be used on hands or surfaces.

Thank you to ABLE BC Member Troy Bilodeau (Berezan Hospitality) for sharing this information with us.

Protective cashier shields from BWI Business World

Our long-time associate member BWI Business World Inc. is selling adjustable cashier shields with protective side guards: available in 2 sizes.

The slides have a square slot to easily products to customers and an open area above for easy-to-hear conversations. No drilling, screws, or tools are required to install and setup takes less than 5 minutes.

To order please call 604-532-0500 or email: kim@bwibusinessworld.com

For more information please visit the BWI website

For more information:

Public Health Agency of Canada Website

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Updates and Resources from ABLE BC

Human Resources & Occupational Health & Safety Info from goHR

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