October 05, 2016

Online Sales: in August, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario launched an online site where customers can purchase nearly 5,000 products. Purchases are delivered to a local LCBO store for free or shipped to a customer’s home through Canada Post for a fee. In September, New Brunswick Liquor announced they will be offering online ordering and home delivery by the end of 2016 or early 2017.

BC government is also working on an “online tool” to allow customers to place orders for liquor products online. Currently private liquor stores in BC are allowed to sell products online, but few do as it is often difficult to be practical or profitable about it under existing regulations.

ABLE BC is consulting with several private retailers who have had success in online sales. If the LDB moves forward with selling liquor online through government stores, we will work to ensure private liquor retailers have equal access to the online market and that no preferential treatment is given to government stores.

Bottle Service: the rules and regulations around bottle service have never been properly established at the provincial level in BC. Clients are currently prohibited from buying bottles of liquor for their tables. In order to properly recognize bottle service in BC and align the regulations around it with other major cities in Canada and the world, ABLE BC has put forward a recommendation to government to allow our liquor primary and nightclub members to legally offer bottle service.

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