November 16, 2018

WorkSafeBC’s interactive Employer Health and Safety Planning Tool Kit is designed to help you create health and safety initiatives that work for your business, yet many organizations don’t know about this valuable, free resource.

Want to know how much money you could save by focusing your injury prevention and management initiatives on your most frequent injuries? go2HR is pleased to offer a new webinar on November 22, featuring expert insights and advice from WorkSafeBC’s Adrian Cook.

OHS Webinar Details: Employer Health and Safety Planning Tool Kit

  • When: November 22, 2018 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
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  • Cost to register: $49. Use our exclusive member discount code ‘toolkit’ and attend the webinar for free.

By providing customized information and reports, the Employer Health and Safety Planning Tool Kit helps you to better direct your efforts, in order to reduce injuries and cut costs.

The more workers and time loss claims you have, the more you will benefit from using this Tool Kit. If you are a smaller employer, with limited time loss claims data, during this webinar Adrian will showcase a range of other valuable tools to help you manage health and safety in your organization.

Learn more about the webinar and why you should attend here.

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