October 19, 2017

As you members may know, Solicitor General Mike Farnsworth recently announced an extensive public engagement on how legalized marijuana will be sold and regulated in BC. Until November 1st, British Columbians, municipalities, stakeholders, and others can visit the BC Cannabis Regulation Engagement website and offer their thoughts on a host of issues related to legalization, including distribution and retail, minimum age, personal possession limits, public use, and impaired driving.

The results of this online survey WILL have an impact on government policy. Thank you to everyone who has already completed it. If you have not done so, we need every licensee, their staff, friends, family members, and customers to complete this survey between now and November 1st.


It is vitally important that all member click here and complete the government’s survey. The form will take about 10 minutes to complete and asks questions on a host of issues, but the critical part of the survey revolves around the best retail option and specifically whether cannabis ought to be sold in liquor stores.

As you answer each question in the survey, please bear in mind our goal of seeing adult-use recreational cannabis being sold in BC’s liquor stores.

Please be clear: your replies to this survey WILL matter. As we know other groups will also be mobilizing, we need the help of every single licensee who supports this position to complete the survey as soon as possible.

For more information and assistance, please contact Jeff Guignard (ABLE BC Executive Director) at 604-499-2566 or jeff@ablebc.ca.

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