November 16, 2018

Last week, we updated you on what the LDB is doing to address our industry’s ongoing frustrations with their chronic service issues. You can read that note here.

Since then, I have heard from many members – particularly on the Island and in Whistler but other regions as well – that deliveries are still not showing up (sometimes for weeks), that invoices are often missing, and that the Wholesale Customer Centre has been unable to offer any details on when orders will be filled or even whether some orders are in LDB’s system.

For the first time that I can think of, some liquor stores are reporting that they are running out of products and that customers are taking their business elsewhere.

I am as angry as you are at the perpetual failures of the LDB to deliver the service you deserve. While I am confident that government’s current efforts – including the Delta Distribution Centre, new inventory management system, and ongoing technology improvements, combined with implementing recommendations in the Business Technical Advisory Panel – will solve many of these challenges in the long-term, that offers little comfort to retailers about to enter the busiest season of the year.

I wanted you to know that we’ve been raising these issues directly with the Attorney General and the Premier’s Office. While action will not be immediate, I do believe they understand how these shockingly unprofessional levels of service from our monopoly wholesaler are damaging your businesses and costing you money. Rest assured we will keep pressing for urgent action.

Please continue to keep me informed of your shortages and other service issues so that we can keep working behind the scenes on your behalf. You reach me at 604-688-5560 or

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