July 20, 2018

WorkSafeBC has just released a series of seven short training videos about kitchen safety.

Developed in partnership with go2HR, the videos feature interviews and insights from well-known executive chefs in B.C who share their real-life perspectives on the importance of kitchen safety and offer lessons from their own experiences.

The videos demonstrate proper techniques for using equipment and performing common tasks, including:

Whether it’s a new worker who has little experience in a kitchen, or an experienced worker who is using new equipment, these videos will help employers make sure their workers are trained and know how to carry out all aspects of their job correctly.

Each video focuses on a separate topic, and can be shown on its own or as part of the series. The information is specific enough to use in a training program, and general enough that it can be applied to almost any facility, from a food truck to an industrial kitchen. The videos can be incorporated into a formal presentation in a classroom setting or used in a self-guided training program.

To see the videos and find other resources please visit: worksafebc.com/kitchensafety

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