August 30, 2016

The LDB’s Wholesale Operations team has launched a new website to serve hospitality customers better: They have asked that we share the following message with ABLE BC Members:

The new website offers a modern digital experience, enhanced information and a highly anticipated feature specifically designed for hospitality customers – a new online product catalogue […] If you are interested in viewing all products available for sale in B.C., in addition to the products sold in BC Liquor Stores, please try out the new hospitality catalogue.

How to access the catalogue

  1. The catalogue will require hospitality customers to set up an LDB account
  2. Please contact the LDB Wholesale Customer Centre (WCC) in Vancouver at 604-775-0681 or toll free at 1-888-775-0681 and have your license number, establishment name, establishment address, and PST number ready.
  3. The WCC will verify your information and a link to your LDB account will be sent by email.
  4. Click on the link, change your password, and answer the security questions.
  5. Once this step is completed, log into the catalogue using your LDB account by clicking on the hospitality section on the homepage of the website.

For more information please download the attached memo from LDB Wholesale Operations.

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