November 23, 2017

As members know, the BC government is currently weighing options for retailing adult-use recreational cannabis. Whatever government decides, there is no doubt this will be the single largest economic opportunity in a generation.

ABLE BC is teaming up with partners in the BCGEU to launch a provide-wide advertising campaign in late November and December. The purpose of the campaign is to demonstrate to government and British Columbians that BC’s liquor stores are best suited to retail cannabis safely and responsibly.

This campaign is not in ABLE BC’s current budget, so we need your support to fund it. Our Executive Director Jeff Guignard has already contacted our private liquor store members. ABLE BC is asking all LRS members to make a minimum donation of $300 per store.

If other members would like to support the campaign, you can make a donation online at: For more information about the advertising campaign, please contact Jeff Guignard (ABLE BC Executive Director) at 604-688-5560 or

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