ABLE BC is partnering with go2HR on a new HR initiative for liquor retailers and publicans: a 4-part webinar series and employment essentials guides designed for liquor industry employers.

Building a safe and inclusive workplace culture with engaged employees is a vital part of your success. Our HR on Tap series will help you do just that.

HR Essentials Guides

The first HR on Tap guide is now available! Download your copy here or contact our office to get your copy.

What’s covered in the HR on Tap Guide No. 1: Recruitment

  • Planning to hire
  • Sourcing top applicants
  • Building a diverse workforce
  • Selecting your new employees
  • Making the employment offer
  • Related tools and templates
  • go2HR contacts and quick reference links

Stay tuned for the release of our second guide!

HR Essentials Webinars

Webinar No. 1: Employment Standards 101 with HR Expert Gillian MacGregor

This webinar is essential for small employers who do not have any HR staff or HR practitioners who want a refresher. Do you know your employment liabilities? Do you know how to prevent costly employment mistakes? Do you know how to avoid being brought in front of the Employment Standards Tribunal or difficulties with the Employment Labour Board?

HR Expert Gillian MacGregor will answer these questions and more during the webinar!

What else you will learn:

  • What laws govern employment in British Columbia and how the Employment Standards Act applies to you
  • Dealing with salaried versus hourly employees
  • Calculating and paying overtime
  • Who is eligible for statutory pay
  • Overtime and averaging agreements
  • Probationary periods
  • Employee terminations and the notice requirements under the Employment Standards Act
  • And much more!

Purchase a copy of this webinar for $25.00 here.


Webinar No. 2: The Cocktail of Employment Performance, Finding the Right Mix

Like traditional bitters, conversations around employee discipline and termination can be hard to swallow. But managing employee performance doesn’t have to be a painful task if you establish a solid foundation for the employment relationship from the start.

Learn effective methods to manage relationships with employees during this webinar, hosted by ABLE BC and go2HR.

Hear from experts at Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark LLP who will share valuable legal insights and recent case-law examples as they discuss best practices and how-to’s on topics including:

  • Encouraging employee performance;
  • Applying discipline appropriately;
  • Communicating expectations consistently;
  • Ending employment in a manner that limits liability; and
  • Handling some of the difficult conversations – and how you might avoid them – that you may encounter as an employer.

Download a copy of this webinar for $25.00 here.

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