March 22, 2018

Earlier this year, the provincial government announced their plans for minimum wage increases over the next 4 years. Learn more here. The liquor server differential was not addressed in this announcement.

The Fair Wages Commission (FWC) was established in October 2017 to independently advise government on how to raise minimum wages with increases that are “regular, measured, and predictable.”

Recently, the FWC submitted a second report to government about making changes to minimum wage. We expect the report will be released very soon and will include an answer on whether or not the liquor server wage will be maintained.

ABLE BC unequivocally supports maintaining the liquor server differential and knows how essential it is to help protect the profit margins of small hospitality businesses. We are deeply concerned that the government will do away with the liquor server wage.

Please know ABLE BC is working vigorously with our restaurant partners to ensure government understands how changing this vital policy will have devastating financial implications for your business.

We will update members as more details become available. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact ABLE BC at 604-688-5560 or

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