September 26, 2017

ABLE BC is pleased to announce we have partnered with Dorsey Studios to offer the Soundtrack Business streaming music service to our members.

Soundtrack Business, a Spotify-backed company, is the most advanced, customizable music streaming service for businesses now available in Canada that allows retailers to brand their environments with the right music at the right time.

What can Soundtrack Business do?

  • Create-it: select your music from professionally-curated soundtracks and mix several to create a unique sound for your business.
  • Play-it: purchase an affordable Soundtrack Player or download the free player app and use your existing device (iOS, Android, and Windows devices).
  • Control-it: download the Soundtrack Business app onto your iPhone and control your music from wherever you are. Modify volume, skip a song, or even share a song with your customers via text, email, or social media.
  • SOCAN Compliant: service includes the management of all reporting requirements and licensing payments to SOCAN, ensuring you are compliant.

Exclusive ABLE BC Member Pricing

Special Soundtrack Business pricing for ABLE BC members of $38/month (12 month minimum contract).

How to sign-up

  1. CLICK HERE to download our Soundtrack Business member package
  2. Fill out the order form on page 4
  3. Complete the agreement and sign it on page 7
  4. Complete the credit card authorization form and sign it on page 9
  5. Email the 3 completed documents to

Why is curated, quality background music important in your pub or liquor store?

Curated, quality music can have a positive impact on creating a better experience for customers versus playing the radio or a random playlist of songs.

Research has shown that the right music can increase sales, enhance the customer experience, and strengthen your overall brand – another tool that ABLE BC members can leverage to improve their businesses.

For more information please download our Soundtrack Business Member Package or contact Dorsey Studios: 

Local Vancouver Office: Jim Irving, Strategic Sales Director

T: 604-787-7162 | E:

Toronto Office HQ: Stephen Dorsey, CEO

T: 416-516-6159 | E:

About Dorsey Studios

Dorsey Studios is an ABLE BC Associate Member and preferred supplier.

They are a leading in-store Omni-media consultancy and creative content studio that specializes in strategic planning, branded, visual content production, and the licensing of in-store media platforms and content services. Dorsey Studios holds North American licensing rights to several media platforms including Soundtrack Business, FoyerLive and LSquared.

Established in 2007 by Stephen Dorsey, an experienced and award-winning strategist and creative producer, Dorsey Studios collaborates with professionals and creative talent from across North America to deliver value to its global client roster.

The firm has delivered positive results for diverse brands over the years including Aroma Espresso Bar, PlayNetwork Gotstyle, Idealab Innovation, Design Science, Haven Toronto, Megamidia Group and many more. Learn more.

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