July 29, 2019

On July 18, 2019, the LCRB released Policy Directive 19-10, a correction to Policy Directive 18-06 (variety-of-liquor requirement for large special event permits).

Download a copy of Directive 19-10 here.

Under the former policy:
Permittees holding a large public special event that is not of a charitable purpose and has 500 attendees or more must have no more than 80% by dollar value, of one manufacturer’s liquor in each liquor category (i.e., beer, cider, wine, or spirits).

There must be equal opportunity to purchase all liquor at the event (i.e., all beer is chilled, all brands appear on signage). The SEP holder must produce a purchase receipt and product return records, if applicable, to a liquor inspector upon request.

A special event permittee holding an event for a charitable purpose is not required to sell a selection of liquor from a variety of manufacturers. 

Under the new policy, effective immediately:
Special events held at a manufacturer’s licensed site are exempt from the variety-of-liquor requirement. 

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