June 09, 2016

On June 8th, the LCLB released Policy Directive 16-09 to clarify several existing policies. These changes are summarized below. Download the full directive here: http://www.pssg.gov.bc.ca/lclb/docs-forms/policy-directive-2016-09.pdf.

1)      Clarification on the identification requirements 

Licensees are responsible for ensuring that minors are not served liquor. If there is any doubt whether a customer is 19 or over, licensees and their employees should verify age by asking for two pieces of ID. Complaints from members of the public have been received by the LCLB about the confiscation of identification, and the LCLB is “concerned about security and privacy issues for the patron, the licensee and the branch associated with confiscating identification.”

Current Policy: the Terms and Conditions Guides are unclear about the ID checking requirements and currently state that licensees are encouraged to confiscate false ID.

New Policy: effective immediately, the Terms and Conditions Guides have been updated to clarify the ID checking requirements and to remove the suggestion that licensees should confiscate any patron’s ID. Read more: LP Terms and Conditions and LRS Terms and Conditions.

2)      Minimum Pricing Off-Premise Sales

On February 23, 2016, Policy Directive 16-04 set out new minimum liquor pricing in liquor stores. It applied to LRS, wine stores, manufacturer on-site stores, BC Liquor Stores, and RAS.

New Policy: effective immediately, the policies in Policy Directive 16-04 also apply to off-premise sales from liquor primary establishments authorized to make those sales. A licensee may not sell liquor for off-premise sales for less than either of the following prices: a) The price that the licensee paid for the liquor; or b) the minimum prices set out by the LCLB HERE.

3)      Doorpersons using handcuffs

In 2009, the Security Services Act regulation provided the ability for security guards to undergo Advanced Security Training through the Justice Institute of BC to use handcuffs while on duty.

Current Policy: the Liquor Primary Terms and Conditions Guide prohibits staff or contractors, working as doorpersons, from using handcuffs in the course of maintaining order.

New Policy: effective immediately, all policy decisions on handcuff use in licensed establishments will be regulated by Security Programs Division of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General. Staff or contractors providing door security in licensed establishments must be licensed under the Security Services Act. 

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