October 17, 2016

ABLE BC pleased to announce a new member benefit partner: Foodbuy Canada. Foodbuy is the leader in leveraged foodservice and support procurement. They partner with clients to maximize price and rebate advantages.

Join 1000s of foodservice operators across Canada and over 100 across BC enjoying added manufacturer revenues and savings over and above all current programs. Operators participating in Foodbuy come from every segment including: pubs, hotels and resorts, casinos, caterers, and golf and ski resorts.

How does Foodbuy work?

  • Keep your distribution agreements with GFS or Sysco
  • Keep your vendors and existing rebates
  • Let Foodbuy fill any rebate gaps
  • Receive monthly itemized rebate cheques and reports

What are the benefits of Foodbuy?

  • No changes required for a NEW REVENUE STREAM
  • Easy start-up within 30 days
  • Monthly rebate cheque with custom reporting
  • No term

For more information download the Foodbuy FAQ.

Click here to watch a 2 minute video and learn how Foodbuy can save your business money.

Get saving now! Signup for Foodbuy today. Contact Darren Turik at Darren.Turik@foodbuy.ca or 604-376-5562

Join the fight! Become a member today.


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