May 22, 2018

Earlier this week, BarWatch (downtown Vancouver’s association of safe bars and nightclubs) introduced a new patron Code of Conduct to reduce violence at all late-night establishments in the city, particularly in the Granville Entertainment District.

Created in partnership with the VPD and the Granville Entertainment District Working Group, the code includes a lifetime ban from all BarWatch establishments on the Granville strip for anyone charged with a violent offence and found to be in possession of a knife or other weapon. Fighting, verbal abuse, unwanted physical contact, harassment of any kind, drink tampering, theft or bringing concealed liquor into any of BarWatch’s venues will result in a year-long ban.

Since June 2017, ABLE BC has an active participant in the Granville Entertainment District Working Group, a committee created in partnership with the City of Vancouver and industry stakeholders to address safety and security concerns on Granville Street.

In addition to supporting BarWatch’s Code of Conduct, the committee was instrumental in halting the implementation of the Last Hour Entry Program – a program which would have prevented liquor establishments from accepting new patrons in the last hours of business and had serious financial consequences for our LP members in the GED.

We support BarWatch in their establishment of this code of conduct as a united step to address persistent safety and security concerns on Granville Street and look forward to continuing our work on the GED Working Group.

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