June 11, 2020

Dear ABLE BC Members and Industry Colleagues,

We are sending you a short update this morning to share with you some very good news:

Today, the Provincial Health Officer released a new public orderremoving the 50% capacity limit for premises, including licensed premises, in which food or drink is served.

Those establishments that can meet the requirements of the order are permitted to open, regardless of license typeThis means liquor primaries are permitted to open, regardless if they serve food or not, so long as you can meet the requirements of the order.

The order also provides clarity on the types of barriers that can be used. More details below.

Download a copy of the PHO public order here.

This positive change is in direct response to the advocacy work of the Business Technical Advisory Panel, as well as ABLE BC and our industry partners the BCRFA and BC Craft Brewers Guild. 

ABLE BC greatly appreciates the ongoing work of the Provincial Health Officer, Attorney General David Eby, staff, and the LCRB to support our industry in this time of crisis.

Zoom Call Tomorrow:

Join ABLE BC for a Zoom call tomorrow (June 12) at 11:00 am where we will go over the new PHO public order and answer any questions you may have. 

Please RSVP to danielle@ablebc.ca. Upon receiving your RSVP, we will send you the Zoom meeting link.

Important requirements of the new order include: 

  • You must determine the maximum number of patrons and staff that your premises can accommodate if they are standing or sitting two metres apart and most document this maximum number in your safety plan
  • You must assess your premises for places where patrons may congregate or stand in line, and in those places, you must use physical devices, install markers or use other methods to guide and assist patrons in maintaining a distance of 2 meters from one another 
  • If there tables and chairs on your premises, patrons must be seated in such a way that: 
    • There are 2 meters between the patrons seated at the same table, unless they are in the same party
    • There are 2 meters between the patrons seated at one table and the patrons seated at another table, unless:
    • They are in the same party, or
    • The tables are separated by a washable, rigid, impermeable partition that extends from the table-top to at least 1.20 meters above the tabletop 
  • If there are booths on your premises:
    • There must be a washable, rigid, impermeable partition, which extends at least 1.20 meters above the tabletop between each set of booths, and
    • Patrons must be seated in such a way that there are 2 meters between the patrons seated at the same booth, unless they are in the same party
    • Similar rules apply to patrons seated or standing at a counter or table and staff at a food service or payment counter. Please refer to the PHO public order for full details.
  • There must be no more than 6 patrons seated at a table or booth
  • If there is an event held on the premises, during the event:
    • Patrons must be able to maintain a distance of 2 meters from other patrons 
    • There must be no more than 50 patrons present in total on the premises, even if this number is less than the maximum number of patrons who would be permitted to be present under the safety plan 
    • 50 patrons may only be present if this is not more than the number permitted under the safety plan 
    • Patrons who leave the premises during the event must not be replaced by other patrons
    • If the event is taking place in an area completely separated from the rest of the premises, different rules may place. Please refer to the PHO public order.

The PHO order defines events as: an occurrence which gathers people together, whether on a one-time, regular or irregular basis, including a ceremony or celebration of any type, reception, musical entertainment or performance, other than as background music, theatrical or dance performance, art show, magic show, puppet show, fashion show, book signing, reading, recitation, display, movie, film, dancing, meeting, lecture, talk, educational session, auction, fund raising benefit, contest, quiz, game, rally, festival, presentation, demonstration, or sporting or other physical display.

We know our nightclub members have question about events, specifically music in nightclubs. We’re working to get clarity on this and will do our best to have an answer for you by our Zoom call tomorrow.

Please refer to PHO public order for all requirements and to ensure your establishment is in compliance.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact ABLE BC: jeff@ablebc.ca or danielle@ablebc.ca.

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