May 08, 2019

In response to the changing nature of marketing and advertising, the LCRB has released a draft policy regarding the ‘Legal Use of Social Media Advertising and Marketing in BC’s Liquor Industry.’ Download it here.

The LCRB writes: “When a liquor licensee, or someone representing a liquor licensee, uses a social media platform such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and others – including blog posts – to promote, advertise or market the liquor products they make or sell, they must follow the advertising rules that apply to more ‘traditional’ platforms, such as newspapers, magazines, bus shelters, television, radio, etc. Social media has become another way for businesses to reach customers.’

At the end of the document, the LCRB proposes five key themes to avoid non-compliance.

At first reading of this, ABLE BC has some concerns that the LCRB’s proposed regulations will hamper your social media marketing efforts and have a real impact on your business.

Our interpretation of the draft policy would suggest that a number of existing routine business practices would be considered ‘off-side’ and ‘non-compliant,’ which is concerning and illogical.

Send your feedback to ABLE BC’s Executive Director: We are asking that members read through the document and send your feedback on the proposed regulations to Jeff Guignard by Monday, May 6:

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Jeff.

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