April 14, 2016

Possible changes to Port Coquitlam’s Liquor Rules 

This week, it is being reported that Port Coquitlam City Council slowed a move to fast-track a bylaw amendment regarding municipal liquor regulations.

PoCo’s bylaw amendment would allow for microbrews to be located in light and general industrial zones; the Council may also consider commercial districts. As well, city staff is recommending council allow on-premises brewing at neighbourhood pubs; to permit sales of packaged liquor at farmers’ markets; and to expand the number of zones that allow UBrews and UVins (as well as cider and cooler making).

Staff are expected to hold an open house within the next three weeks to gain feedback on the planned legislation; a final report is due to Council before May 9.

Proposed Liquor Regulation Changes Undergo Second Public Hearing in Coquitlam

Proposed liquor regulation changes that have been under consideration by the city of Coquitlam for close to a year will go to a second public hearing later this month following a council debate last week. The rule changes would allow for liquor manufacturing and the creation of craft breweries and distilleries in some industrial and commercial zones. It would also permit liquor retailers to operate within grocery stores, providing they abided by certain separation distances.

The first public hearing on this issue took place in February, which ended with council sending the bylaw back to committee for further research. Tri-City News reports: “There are several key differences between the revised bylaw and the document that was working its way through council in February. First, the new rules would see the separation distances between liquor stores and schools reduced from 300 m in the first draft to 150 m in the second. The revisions would also maintain the 300 m separation distances between individual liquor stores while creating a definition for wine stores.”

We will share more details with members on these potential policy changes as they become available.

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