October 30, 2017

The LDB has asked that we share with members the following notice regarding receipt changes at BC Liquor Stores.

Download a PDF copy of the notice HERE.


Valued Hospitality Customers,

As you may be aware, the Liquor Distribution Branch has been making some important technical changes in order to better serve our customers.

As part of these changes, BC Liquor Stores (BCLS) received new point-of-sale (POS) machines that produce a new receipt format for hospitality customers.

PST exemption:

The new format is a thermal receipt and includes all information from the previous receipt format, excluding the PST exemption summary.

Although the exemption total no longer appears on the new receipts, please note that Hospitality Customers continue to receive a PST exemption at all BCLS.

The absence of a PST line in the receipt ‘Subtotal’ section indicates that the 10% PST has not been charged.

Selling Units:

The new receipt format also specifies the item quantity, as long as the purchase quantity is greater than one (1). The ‘Total Count of Items’ at the bottom of the new receipt summarizes the total number of selling units purchased.

A sample of the new thermal receipt is attached. All BCLS that have transitioned to the new POS machines can only provide receipts in this new format, at this time. We are looking to improve the format and will provide an update when available.

BCLS started transitioning to these changes in a phased approach, earlier this summer, and we are scheduled to complete roll out by the end of October, 2017.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we make these changes. If you have any questions, please speak with the Store Manager at your local BCLS.


LDB Retail Operations

To see a comparison between the previous receipt format, versus the new receipt format please download a copy of the PDF notice.

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