June 13, 2019

WorkSafeBC is raising awareness about the risk of hearing loss in the service industry, and has alerted employers and workers with a new safety bulletin.

WorkSafeBC writes: “Workers in pubs and nightclubs are often exposed to hazardous levels of noise. All sound, including music, can be hazardous noise. This bulletin explains noise hazards and discusses employers’ options for protecting workers’ hearing.”

WorkSafeBC also notes: “If noise levels exceed 85 decibels over an eight-hour shift, employers are required by regulation to have a noise control and hearing conservation program. Key elements of such a program include noise measurement, hearing protection and annual hearing tests for workers.”

Download the bulletin here.

In addition to the safety bulletin, WorkSafeBC has several new online resources to raise awareness and understanding about noise-induced hearing loss, including three new videosWhat Noise Does to Your EarsIntensity and Duration of Noise, and How to Use Earplugs; and the recently published publication: Preventing noise-induced hearing loss at work.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact ABLE BC: 604-688-5560 orinfo@ablebc.ca.

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