November 23, 2018

Dear members,

It won’t surprise anyone that we continue to hear concerning reports about ongoing service issues with the Liquor Distribution Branch. This is after all, our third update in as many weeks.

We very much appreciate those of you who have taken the time to send in concrete examples of your delivery issues and how they are impacting your business. This information has been invaluable in our discussions with government.

This past Monday morning, we met with the Executive Director of LDB Wholesale at the new Delta Distribution Centre for a frank discussion of what they have been doing to address these ongoing issues. The LDB openly shared a series of metrics and offered a candid appraisal of their progress and current challenges. We also walked the DC floor to get a complete picture of how the LDB is working to improve workflow.

Although progress is still slow, we saw clear indications of steady improvement and that they are catching up on the delivery and invoicing backlogs. Unfortunately, we expect it will still be several weeks before most of these issues are resolved.

Below please find a letter from LDB Wholesale Executive Director Todd Cooper, explaining some of the concrete steps he and his team have taken to address the situation. Rest assured we will continue to press the LDB regularly until we see the improvements you deserve.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact ABLE BC: 604-688-5560 or

– Jeff

Update from LDB: Distribution Centre Move to Delta

Download a PDF version of the LDB update

Over the past several weeks, LDB Wholesale Operations has continued to experience challenges with outbound shipping delays and timely invoicing from Delta. We know the impact of our move to the new Distribution Centre in Delta (DDC) has frustrated both our customers serviced from the DDC and our stakeholder groups.

Demand for product has been greater than our capacity to assemble and deliver orders, and the learning curve was steeper than we anticipated. As a result, product was not flowing through the Delta warehouse effectively and we have experienced some challenges with transactional documents.

The following is an update on the actions we have put in place to address these issues: 

Delayed Deliveries

  • We have reduced the volume of new orders by delaying the transition of any additional customers to Delta, and pulling back on those Kamloops customers we had intended to transition this month.
  • Our order volume is now within current capacity at DDC.
  • New and temporary staff have been hired to increase our staffing levels and to help us clear the backlog.
  • We are steadily improving our productivity each day.
  • We expect to be caught up on assembling orders this week; and to be shipping orders on time by next week.
Delayed Invoices
  • We are working through the outstanding invoices and expect to be caught up within the next several days.
  • The vast majority of recent shipments departing DDC have been triggering invoices effectively.
We sincerely appreciate your ongoing patience. Moving the warehouse to Delta has been a significant undertaking and we are confident that once fully operational, Delta will bring lasting improvements for our industry. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Wholesale Customer Centre at


Todd Cooper
Executive Director, Liquor Wholesale Operations
BC Liquor Distribution Branch

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