January 10, 2019

In its monthly release of retail trade figures on Friday, December 21, Stats Can outlined how various sectors of the Canadian retail market performed in previous months.

According to the report, the category of ‘miscellaneous store retailers’ reported 4.5% higher sales in October, due in “large part to the introduction of a new miscellaneous retail store type, cannabis stores.”

Cannabis Retail Sales versus Alcohol Beverage Sales

Sales at cannabis stores totalled $43 million during the two week period following legalization.

Comparatively, $22.1 billion worth of alcohol beverages were sold in Canada during the 2016 fiscal year. When averaged out, this comes to roughly $850 million for a two-week period, reports The Daily Hive.

Stats Can January figures will bring the first full month of sales figures for cannabis, giving the government a firm idea of how much money Canadians are spending on legal cannabis.

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