January 25, 2018

Our Alliance is only as strong as the size of our collective voice. Our solid membership base of over 1,000 licenses lends strength, credibility, and weight to our advocacy efforts with government and other stakeholders.

Do you know a licensee who is not yet a member of the Alliance? Forward them this email and ask them to join ABLE BC today. Licensees can sign-up for a membership instantly at ABLEBC.ca .

With your help, ABLE BC will continue to work on behalf of a united liquor industry to advance private sector liquor opportunities in the year ahead.

For more information about ABLE BC membership and exclusive benefit programs: please download our Member Handbook or contact Danielle Leroux (Manager of Membership and Communications) at 604-688-5560 ordanielle@ablebc.ca.

Join the fight! Become a member today.


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