January 25, 2018

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January 2018 Product Highlights

New offers from West Kelowna winery the hatch including:

  • Talking Stories ‘Lip Service’ White: $9.99 per bottle. A blend of the most prestigious Pinot family grapes; Gris, Blanc and the upstart and sassy Auexerois; along with pretty much every other white grape grown in BC.
  • Gobsmacked 2016 ‘Cyclops Love’: $12.99 per bottle. Like the label, this wine is as unique as anything you will ever find. Cyclops this year is a masterful mixture of Muscat, Pinot Aux and a dollop of the G.
  • Gobsmacked 2016 ‘Sweet P’: $10.99 per bottle. The name is classic hatch confusion, in the sense it’s not sweet sugar-wise, but sweet as in ‘that’s a sweet bottle of wine’.

New offers and January LTOs from Mark Anthony including:

  • Last chance to order Cedar Creek Proprietor’s White 750mL: $8.49 per bottle
  • January LTO on Pilsner Urquell Tall Cann 500mL: save $0.21 ($1.86 per can)
  • January LTO on Tormaresca Trentangeli Organic: save $2.00 ($13.77 per bottle)
  • January LTO on Red Herring White Elephant White and Red: save $1.00 ($8.99 per bottle)
  • January LTO on Prospect Winery Red Willow Shiraz: save $2.00 ($9.18 per bottle)
  • January LTO on Prospect Winery Haynes Barn Merlot Cabernet: save $2.00 ($9.18 per bottle)

PLUS exclusive offers on Perseus Winery products, Minhas Brewery, and more.

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