August 23, 2019

We are pleased to share Deloitte Canada has completed its stakeholder consultation as part of its independent review of the BCLDB’s wholesale liquor distribution system.

As members know, the independent review was commissioned by the provincial government in December 2018 in direct response to our industry’s persistent complaints about poor service. Deloitte’s final report is expected to be completed this fall.

Please find below a message from Deloitte providing a full update and summary of feedback received during the consultation.

If there is anything else members want to weigh in on, we encourage you to email Deloitte:

Dear stakeholders,

We would like to give you an update on the independent review that Deloitte is conducting on behalf of the Ministry of the Attorney General with respect to the Business Technical Advisory Panel (BTAP) report published last year.

Our role

As you know, Deloitte has been engaged to review recommendations 1 & 3 from the BTAP report, which are described as:

  • BTAP 1: Seek to establish an alternative distribution system to specifically address the delays in distributing Non-Stock Wholesale Products (NSWP)
  • BTAP 3: Conduct an operational assessment of LDB’s new distribution center to benchmark current processes and IT systems against industry-leading practices and identify improvement opportunities

We have now concluded the current-state assessment of our independent review, having conducted a wide range of analysis and feedback gathering.

Thank you to everyone who shared your valuable insights and feedback through our surveys, site visits and focus groups for our NSWP review (BTAP 1). This has been important in helping us understand your current concerns and expectations around performance of the NSWP distribution network. 

Your feedback (BTAP 1)

Based on our analysis of the feedback you shared, there are a number of key outcomes we believe you as customers or suppliers are looking for, as they relate to the NSWP distribution network:

  • Reduced lead times
  • Improved reliability of orders (orders arrive when expected)
  • Significantly improved order visibility (from time of order through to delivery)
  • More proactive communications from LDB when changes to orders, deliveries or processes occur
  • Clearer accountability across the supply chain for when things go wrong
  • Reduced order cancellations
  • Improved inventory accuracy at the point of order
  • Limited additional charges to customers or agents/suppliers 

Next steps: Based on these findings, we will be developing comprehensive recommendations for the Ministry of Attorney General to consider, which are to be presented this Fall.

If you wish to comment further on the above please contact us at:

Kind regards, The Deloitte Project team

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