April 26, 2021

Dear ABLE BC members and industry colleagues,

Direct Tap has shared with us the following update from Geoff Barlow (Director, Sales & Marketing) on their system transition:

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you so much for all of your patience as Direct Tap has transitioned to our Camelot Warehouse, Inventory, and Transportation systems. We have heard the issues that this transition created. Now, I am excited to update you on the current and upcoming enhancements we are making to the system, that will provide the services and information you require to run your business effectively.

Please note the following feature improvements: 

1) The Camelot Web Portal

  • Accessible through www.directtap.com and has all the Proof of Deliveries (PODs) as PDF attachments beside each order delivered for our partners’ access
  • Will have a new feature that will show updated actual quantity available to order, this should be available by the end of the week of April 26th
  • Will have another new feature that will not allow our partners to place an order if they do not have available stock to sell 

2) Direct Tap

  • Will be sending daily automated emails to our partners when there is a short on an order before it ships from our building. This should be ready within the week of April 26th. 
  • Will be sending automated emails once a receipt has been posted into Camelot confirming quantities received into our warehouse
  • Will be starting a cycle counting program to count all of our customers’ inventory over the next month every morning. We will notify our partners as we complete their count. 
  • We are developing a new POD-price document that will become our delivery slip and will show all unit and deposit pricing. This will take the place of information currently contained within the Doc 60’s that our partners are emailing to us daily. This will not be an invoice with any pricing totals on it. 
  • In addition, we should have Ollie customers’ pricing on the documents by the end of the of April 26th. Our partners who are not using Ollie will be directed to complete a template that will be provided and we will upload all pricing information into our system. We anticipate this feature to be completed over the next 2-3 weeks. We will continue delivering Doc 60’s until we have confirmed that this will fully satisfy the requirements of the licensees. 

We trust that this update is helpful and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments. We thank you for your patience and support as we work through delivering these solutions to our industry. 

Geoff Barlow
Director, Sales & Marketing

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