September 20, 2019

On September 19, 2019, the LCRB issued a clarification about Policy Directive No: 19-11cannabis promotion in liquor-licensed establishments and at events held under a special event permit.

Download the policy directive here.

This clarification was in direct response to industry confusion about the original policy wording, which seemed to prohibit any promotion of cannabis in licensed spaces – including conference venues, hotels, special events, etc.

In ABLE BC’s discussions with the LCRB on this issue, they clearly indicated the intent of the policy directive was simply to: “prevent the promotion of non-medical cannabis to minors, and to ensure alignment with federal rules.”

In essence, the LCRB is amending the Terms and Conditions guides of various licenses to align them with federal rules around cannabis promotion, and making it clear that promotion of cannabis to minors is strictly prohibited.

As the federal rules related to promoting non-medical cannabis continue to evolve, we will work closely with our partners at the LCRB to ensure the Branch understands the perspective of licensed businesses who are all working diligently to comply with this new regulatory framework.

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