October 30, 2020

Dear ABLE BC members and industry colleagues,

The Provincial Health Officer has released a new public order for Gatherings and Events. Download the order here.

The order is addressed to:

  • Owners and operators of banquet halls and vacation accommodation
  • Occupants of vacation accommodation and guests
  • Owners and occupants of private residences and guests
  • Owners and operators of places, including premises subject to the Food and Liquor Serving Premises order
  • Persons who organize and attend events
  • Medical health officers

Changes in the new Gatherings and Events order include:

  • Confirms Dr. Henry’s oral order of October 26, which limited social gatherings in private residences to 6 plus the occupants. Note that for consistency the number of people allowed in a vacation accommodation for an event, in addition to the occupants, is increased from 5 to 6.
  • Clarifies that gatherings preceding or following an event are also an event, and requires that people must disperse after an event to avoid this problem. 
  • Dis-applied the order to court sittings, as these are sometimes held in recreations centre halls, hotel meeting rooms, and other places.
  • Clarified that classes or practices in recreation centres, pools or fitness facilities are not events.
  • Dancing and Karaoke is now not allowed at any event(previously was allowed at events that were not happening in food and liquor serving premises).
  • The requirement for one-hour cleaning between events has been changed to be outcome oriented, based on ensuring adequate time to clean and ventilate, ensure people disperse after an event, and ensure that there is no mixing between groups of people coming and leaving an event.

For more information, please read the Gatherings and Events order

Food and Liquor Serving Premises

The last public order for food and Liquor Serving Premises was released on October 9, 2020. Download it here.

Since the release of this public order ceasing liquor sales at 10:00 pm, ABLE BC has been actively working with the Provincial Health Officer and her senior staff to try and find a path forward and get the order amended.

Regrettably, there will not be any change at this time to the hours of liquor sale at food and liquor serving premises. Nightclubs are still not permitted to reopen.

We know the devastating impacts this may have on your business and will continue to take your concerns directly to the Provincial Health Officer and find a way to move forward.

BC Lottery Corporation Update

BC Lottery Corporation has shared the following update with us on the use of self-serve lottery terminals in food and liquor serving premises:

Dear Retail Partners, BCLC is aware of the inspections happening in the Hospitality Network, as well as, the orders that were issued by the Provincial Health Officer on October 9, 2020, in relation to ‘Food and Liquor Serving Premises’. BCLC is also aware of the ABLC BC notification that you received on these matters on October 28, 2020.  

We are working, in collaboration with ABLE BC, to seek clarity from the Provincial Health Officer on this order and its impact to the sale of Lottery products and the equipment in your location. It is important that you continue to follow your local health authority directives.  

We commit to providing you with an update as we learn more. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Update from ABLE BC: ABLE BC understands this issue has caused significant confusion among our public health partners. We’re expecting to hear back very soon from the Provincial Health Officer on their actual intentions of the order. 

We have pointed out that many operators have been offering lotto services safely while also meeting or exceeding public health protocols.

You will hear from us as soon as we’ve clarified the Provincial Health Officer’s intentions.

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